Every product I create is hand made and 1/1. The hats are hand painted while t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, cardigans, skirts, scarves and jackets are  silk screened, dyed and altered by hand. I put as much love and energy as possible into each piece I create, and by making one a kind pieces, the production side of things is kept as entertaining for me as the creation. An entire T-shirt can be conceived and created within one day, and the designs are often inspired by what is in my mind at the point of creation. I  sketch up  a design in class and sneak into the printmaking building at RISD that night to print as many shirts with the new design as possible. My method isas  unconventional as it gets. As soon as the building is empty, the music is turned up as loud as possible, I lie all of the shirts out on any surface I can find and proceed to run around with different silk screens, inks and bleach pens making each piece unique. When the sun rises and class is in a few hours, I return the equipment to its original condition, I sneak out of the building and carry my box of new t-shirts to my studio. My printed items are truly “limited edition” due to the limitations guerilla production method, but it keeps the designs fresh, the process interesting and I promise you ill never see anyone else wearing your shirt.

Sample Products:


One response to “Products

  1. Zio,

    My g/f Su and I were some of your first customers at the MV store this past summer and love your stuff… so do the recipients of our purchases……..

    Do you have any hoodies available for holiday shopping treats? You can aslo contact me @ 707-235-5259

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