Welcome to the Zio Ziegler Blog. I am  a recent graduate from RISD and Brown University and am a painter, illustrator and clothing designer. My collections of clothing are based off my paintings. By taking certain images and icons from my work and translating them into clothing products, I  give my customer an opportunity to take a piece of work away with them. Because my creative process and work are transitory by nature, the products of this process are constantly evolving and giving those who appreciate my work a chance to wear  new  Zio Ziegler clothing often. While the work is ephemeral, the continuity in both products and paintings lies within my style. My work is inspired by everything at once . A capricious creation directly inspired by the moment make take place one day, while an “automatic drawing” may happen the next. My work is the manifestation of all that is in my mind, whether conscious or subconscious, philosophy or mountain biking, Ego or Id, my work is a collectively inspired by the movements of the universe around me.  I am constantly developing a lexicon of imagery in my artwork that both aids narrative and concept as a constant element in the ephemeral subject matter of my work. Eastern Philosophies, an eclectic range of literature and nature are constant points of contact for the concepts of my work, but similar to my style, my concepts are constantly building into a pieces that exemplify more of a process than a premeditated and thoroughly  simplified  translatable creation. My silk screens, paintbrushes, spray paint, quills and pencils are tools of visceral expression in my creations and help me reach the desired product of my process, work and life: Happiness.

Thank you for checking out my blog and work. If you would like to see something relatively more organized check out my website at:

http://www.ZioZiegler.com or http://zio.tumblr.com/ or www.artesempre.com

OR, You can visit us at the Arte Sempre Gallery/ Store in Mill Valley. (144 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley Ca)

Follow me on Twitter!  http://twitter.com/ZioZiegler


3 responses to “About

  1. michelle chester

    Zio,Congratulations on all your wonderful art. I am your moms first cousin and remember watching her grow as an artist and professional. We are so lucky to watch you grow now as an artist and professional. I am so excited for you and all of your current and future success. Best Wishes Love Michelle

  2. your work is fabulous. Keep it up. Excellent location for your studio!

  3. Zio is just the raw essence of energy…always pushing the aesthetic envelope. His stuff is amazing. No boring, strip mall, ‘galleria’ stuff here…it’s powerful, portable, moving. Check it out.
    For people who are REALLY alive!

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