Featured RISD artist update: Christin Neal

Christin Neal is a spectacular artist. As a painter, animator and designer his eclectic range of skills play symbiotic roles to one another. He has a crisp defined and developed style that keeps the viewer entranced and involved in his pieces. His artwork commands attention yet calms the viewer with its ecstatic colors and thick controlling lines. While his observational paintings are among the best technically, Christin takes the lead when his creativity and free mind and brush come into play. The observational pieces that you might see Christin working on for class are not only aesthetically perfect, but elements of his expressive and pronounced style elevate a mere still life into a gawked at piece of art. Small thick bands of bright color, and chiseling black lines develop each piece into a perfect harmonious mixture of abstraction and reality. While Christin baffles everyone with his amazing ability to stylistically depict reality, his abstract pieces are utterly phenomenal. The space and the energy you get from being in the presence of one of his large commanding paintings is completely fulfilling. He allows your eye to flow around the canvas, to understand the painting, without ever becoming a master of it. His pieces capture your curiosity, surprise and leave you wanting to sign up as his apprentice. 
He first became affiliated with Thunder over Thunder and ZZ co. when he met Zio in a RISD sophomore foundation drawing class. They became friends over a shared sense of humor about the teacher, and then started collaborating on drawing and t-shirts. Christin soon after joined the T/T allegiance, and began printing and contributing artwork. Its refreshing to see someone as absolutely gifted as Christin be so modest about his work, maybe its because he is blind. Just kidding. 
Check out his website and watch his animations!



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